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Mercy Anim launches new Book:
"To Bed a President"

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Mercy Anim is one hard working entrepreneur and author of four books. She is getting rave reviews of all four books, "Mrs. Doctor", "Love is not Enough", "Princess Foruwa and the Gold Kingdom" and "Dreams, Changes and Caviar Wishes". She has been hailed by some in the Publishing industry as the "Ama Atta Aidoo of the 21st century" a role model to future female writers.


From Ghana to United States

MERCY A. ANIM formerly known as Mercy Adolphus was born in Ghana, West Africa. She attended Fijai Secondary School and the Ghana Institute of Journalism where she received a diploma in Journalism. She attended the Ghana Institute of Journalism and worked as a reporter with Ghana Information Services for three years before she resigned to take on the challenge of becoming a successful businesswoman.

She moved to the United States in 1981. She attended the New School University where she received her BA in Early Childhood Education in 1992. "Mrs. Doctor" was her first novel which was followed by "Love is not Enough".

Now a New City resident, she was also the director and founder of Little Angel's Day Care and President of the African-American Cultural Enrichment Center in Spring Valley, New York.

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